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Suriya Is Not A Talented Actor Says Jyothika

This is not our opinion by any chance but they were mouthed by Jyothika, herself. Describing how Suriya is a dutiful parent who gives all the love to their kids, Jyothika said that she is a bad cop probably because she is like a book of rules and Suriya isn’t. Jyothika is presently busy with ‘Kaattrin Mozhi’ the Tamil remake of Bollywood sensible film ‘Thumhari Sulu’ starring Vidya Balan in the lead. How is she able to manage both films along with her kids and household? Jyothika gave away the secret of her success. Suriya is not a talented actor but a hands-on husband who takes of their children when needed and also sees that he is there for every important event of their children. That’s the reason why Jyothika is able to come back to films with a successful start and continuing the success streak with the second film, even. This is Jyothika’s third one after her marriage and kids.





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