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Suresh Babu Plan Worked For ENE

Ee Nagaraniki Emanidi?- One of the popular lines due to the anti-tobacco campaign created by Indian Government has now become a titled for Telugu film. And that film directed by Tarun Bhaskar got mixed reviews from critics, which lead to doubts over the chances of film surviving at the box office.

Guess what, luck is in the favour of this buddy comedy as the film is likely to score pretty well in terms of collections. In its first week, the film faced no competition and producer Suresh Babu planned it in such a way that no biggie is around. And for its second run, the poor talk surrounding the latest releases is going to help. 

In case if Gopichand's Pantham and Sai Dharam Tej's Tej I Love U got hit talk or at least if one of them secured an above-average talk, then prospects of Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi would have got tampered. But now, as those two films fetched only below-par talk, it's gain all the way for this Suresh Productions venture. 

Many are saying that producer Suresh Babu planned such a careful release for the film that it will get at least 7 crores profit even if it gets mixed reviews. That's called release timing and planning. Finally, we have to say, 'luck favour chesindi' for the film. 




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