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Suresh Babu Combines With Tharun Bhaskar For Two More Movies

How many liked Tharun Bhascker’s surprise blockbuster Pelli Chupulu? Well, that is a stupid question for a blockbuster, is it? But how did Suresh Babu knew it before it is released and why did he invest in such a small project for a debut director? Maybe he knew what Tharun can do, and maybe that is why he locked him up for the next two projects too apart from the coming “Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi“. Oh Yes! Tharun Bhascker all for Suresh Babu’s production house until the next three projects for now. Looks like Suresh Babu is too much impressed with the director. Tharun is super happy to sign two more projects with the strongest production house in the industry. No looking back with handful projects. But working for one production house on all projects on a line, is that all for good? Advantages are clear, but of course it comes with some monetary disadvantages too for the young director. Anyway, speaking of the immediate project of the director, Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi, the film is supposedly a buddy comedy film, whose trailer opened a good talk for the movie which is expected for a release next month. Let us see if Tharun impresses the production house this time too.





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