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Support KCR Or Stay Silent Dear Opposition Netas

It's Corona times. The whole globe is going through a war-like situation. And governments cutting across borders are trying its best to save the people from pandemic. India is doing its best to control Covid-19 through mitigation strategy and considering its vast population and the ratio of population to Covid-19 positive cases, the country is doing its best. Kudos to the administrations and the front line warriors of the nation – doctors, nurses, medical staff, cleaning staff, police officials and others.

Telangana CM KCR is doing every possible way to control the pandemic and offering the best possible treatment as well as support to victims. In fact, the Covid-19 patients who got cured and walked free have heaped praises on Telangana state government and Gandhi hospital staff for their efforts. Apart from this, the poor and needy who are being suffered due to lock down and lack of employment are also being taken care by the government.

CM KCR is getting applause for his actions and his commitment to control the spread of Corona Virus. In fact, CMs of several other states are drawing inspiration from Telangana CM. Even a section of national media is praising KCR for his continuous efforts. At a time when the nation is facing crisis and the governments are trying to their best with limited possibilities, it is certainly not time for politics and criticizing.

Opposition leaders like Revanth Reddy, Uttam Kumar Reddy and BJP leaders like Dharmapuri Aravind and several others are taking a dig at CM KCR at these troubled times. They are resorting to criticize KCR and blaming him. When KCR is getting huge applause from public for his work, Opposition leaders trying to pull his leg would only backfire.

This is not the time to do mud-slinging on one another. If Opposition leaders stay silent and continue to serve people in their areas in their ways, it would bring a lot of respect on them and could help to get good image in public. But criticizing KCR now would be a grave mistake.




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