SuperStar Rajinikanth’s Political Party To Be Launched On December 31?!?! Deets Inside…..

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth appeared to have firm plans for a political career after several delays and half-starts by announcing the launch of his own party in January 2021 on Thursday, the year when Assembly elections will be held in Tamil Nadu. "Rajinikanth said his party would be a "non-corrupt, honest, transparent and secular party with a spiritual policy" in a brief statement on Twitter, which will "definitely win the next election. The launch date will be announced on the 31st of December, he said. Speaking to reporters outside his residence, by introducing Ra Arjunamurthy, former president of the intellectual wing of the BJP state unit, as the chief coordinator of his fans' association, Rajinikanth fuelled speculation about his party's leanings. This week, Arjunamurthy was relieved of his BJP post. As the leader who will oversee efforts to launch the party, Rajinikanth also introduced his political adviser, Tamilaruvi Maniyan, who is a familiar face in state politics. 

The actor, who turns 71 on 12 December, said that his decision to launch a party was intended to bring about change in Tamil Nadu. He said that it will be the success of the people if he succeeds. " If I am defeated, it will be their defeat as well. Let us make everything change. If not now, it's never going to be… This is the time to change Tamil Nadu's destiny. The regime ought to change," he said. After a 46-year film career, after completing the shooting for his latest film 'Annathe', Rajinikanth said he would begin his political journey. He said this time, referring to his previous announcement of a party launch in December 2020, "I will not go back on my word." In March 2020, Rajinikanth said he would not be a candidate for Chief Minister or contest the polls. There is no word yet on whether his candidates will compete or be part of an alliance in all seats across the state.

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