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Sunil Recently Changed His Route And Started Taking Up Comedian Roles Again

Comedian turned hero Sunil recently changed his route and started taking up comedian roles again.  Though many people doubted that it is not easy to make a strong comeback for Sunil as new generation comedians entered Tollywood, he proved them wrong.

Sunil is working on four films as a comedian and he reportedly got strong characters in those films.  He has reportedly got hilarious characters in Srinu Vaitla,  Hanu Raghavapudi films.  Then what about his remuneration?  Sunil is reportedly charging Rs.4 lakhs per day.  What is more interesting is that he is charging Rs. 5 lakhs per day for Hanu Raghapaudi film.  

Industry insiders say that Sunil has taken up comedian roles again at the right time because there is a dearth of top comedians in Tollywood.  Brahmanandam is not clicking in films nowadays. Except for Vennela Kishore, no other comedian is able to repeat the magic for a long time.  So, it has turned out to be an advantage for Sunil. 




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