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Suicide Commited By Young Film Writer

Noted film writer Ravishankar Alok has committed suicide. He was 32. Ravishankar had ended his life by jumping off from the roof of the seven-storey building in which he had stayed. As per reports, Alok had jumped off on Wednesday afternoon at around 2 PM. Hearing the loud sound, when the neighbours looked, they found Alok in a pool of blood. An ambulance was immediately called, followed by the police.

Alok was involved in the writing of Nana Patekar's 'Ab Tak Chhappan'.

According to the society's watchman, the terrace of the building is usually locked and the residents would not have access to the area. The society people are wondering how Alok had got access to the terrace.

Alok lived with his brother, who was not present during the incident. Meanwhile, it is learnt that Alok's parents had recently came and stayed with him for a couple of days and left for their home town Patna. The parents of Alok have been informed about the tragedy. So far, the cause of the Alok's suicide is not revealed. Cops have not found any suicide note.




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