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Stylish Star Demands 1.25 Crores

Despite two back to back disappointments, one dubbing film helped him prove his strength. And now, this Stylish Star is putting his big foot forward, seeking fat pay in case if he has to showcase his antagonist acts on the silver screen.

Hero Arjun is known for his realistic portrayals in movies like Gentleman and Oke Okkadu. But with hero chances slimming down, he opted for character roles too. With films like LIE and Naa Peru Surya, he turned a stylish looking gentleman on the silver screen. While LIE flopped big time, NPS fared ordinarily and brought no new name to Arjun. 

However, Arjun's portrayal of a digital era villain in Vishal's dubbed flick Abhimanyudu clicked quite well. And that made him a new villain material with the perfect aura of that bad guy. For that reason, when some big producers of Telugu industry approached him for a role alongside a big superstar in an upcoming film, he quoted a bomb. 

It is heard that this Stylish Star villain has demanded around 1.25 crores remuneration for 20 days of dates. Though the producer is ready to pay that much, the hero of the film is said to have asked for alternate options too. We mean, cheaper ones!!






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