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Story Behind Kalyan Dhev Entry In To Film Industry

Kalyan Dev is making his debut as Hero with 'Vijetha'. He received the offer to become hero within a week after completion of Acting Training offered by Satyanand in Vizag.

Producer Sai Korrapati asked Satyanand to send photos of Aspiring Actors who were trained by him. That's when he sent photographs of few Youngsters. Then, Sai Korrapati asked Satyanand to send few more photographs of Kalyan Dev. Only then he was informed that the youngster is the Son-in-Law of Chiranjeevi. Quickly, Sai Korrapati approached Chiru with the proposal to launch Kalyan Dev as Hero.

Upon hearing the story, Chiranjeevi suggested the makers to rope Murali Sharma to play the role of Father. That's the only correction he made.

During his schooling days, Kalyan Dev had once took certificate from none other than Chiranjeevi. He was offered a Bollywood Flick upon completion of Engineering but that didn't materialize.




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