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Star Heroine Mother Save Her From Chicago Sex Racket

Chicago Sex Racket burst by the FBI has exposed the other side of events participated by Actresses in the Foreign Countries. While some of the Actresses were trapped & blackmailed, Few Celebs choose this path for earning quick bucks. Leaks regarding the names of Actresses who were allegedly involved in Sex Racket stunned everyone. 

If the reports in media are true by any chance, A Top Heroine had a great escape from Kishan and his wife Chandrakala who operated prostitution racket. This Celebrity loves visiting foreign countries frequently either with friends or family members. When she was in Chicago last year, Kishan & Chandrakala tried to lure her into flesh trade with special treatment.

After growing suspicious about the movements of Kishan & Co, This Star Heroine vacated the room in luxury hotel booked by them. She also ensured the couple never come in touch with her again. Luckily, The Mother of the Actress did everything required to protect her Daughter




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