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Star Hero Buys 50 Acres Land

Noted Star hero has bought over 50 acres land in Telangana state. The star said to have invested huge money in purchasing land that is 60 kms away from the happening place of the city.

He is planning to develop a studio, a farm house and many more in the area. It is buzzed that the star hero has come to know that the area would develop a lot in the future and invested the large sum in the far away region. He also said to have hired some locals to take care of his property.

Apparently, a popular politician of Telangana state also said have purchased huge land near by this hero's land. This is raising several suspicions among the locals and real-estate dealers who have hiked up the prices and is said to be selling the plots with higher rates. 

The rates of plots in these region have come as shocker to many given that it is far higher than its locality which has no major facilities and the rates are on par with the rates in Hyderabad that is shocking many who are expressing doubts whether it is worth in investing so much in such place.

One has to wait and see, what is in store in the future




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