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Star Daughter Warned Family For Her Filmy Career

There are many stars here and they don't indulge in nepotism, do you know. Yeah, it's right, when it comes to their daughters, they don't want them to be in the film industry.
There is the classic case of this youngster who wants to do films badly but her family is quite opposite to it. Though she gave them a word that exposing and glamour treats are not her cup of tea, they are wondered that she might get spoiled in the industry. And the family has put many conditions on her. 
Owing to this pressure, the lady didn't sign many films despite the fact that she's flooded with offers. Finally, she's said to have realized her mistake and gave a pretty clear speech to her family about her decision to do as many films as possible. Else she warned them of not hesitating to pick even glamour roles. 
The hottie is now signing many films and want to establish herself as a dependable actress soon. In the first place, why Tollywood is not learning from Bollywood after looking at star kids like Kareena, Alia and Shraddha Kapoor? 



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