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Srireddy Now Focus On Nani

From the handle of 'MsSriReddy', there comes another nonsense tweet, which this time takes dig at one of the big names of Telugu film industry. In the wake of hero Nani gearing up to host "Big Boss 2", this actress is said to be trying to garner all the possible attention.

Apparently, the tweet came as "Nani + Sri reddy = Dirty picture…. When ?? Coming Soon .. On the Way". And another tweet in Telugu is read, "Nani gadi Rasaleelalu anni bayatapedta, Kasukora Nani, ne Kapuram lo Nippule". 

However, netizens are not taking these tweets seriously anymore so are our Telugu TV channels. One of the twitter users commented, "Couple of days later you will surely post another tweet that says Nani means, your friend Nani but not the star everyone thought of. You'll stoop so low to grab attention". 

Despite the fact that Telugu Film Industry has a special cell now to raise complaints, one wonders why this actress is still loosing those arrows in the darkness on social media. If not for attention by this nonsensical stuff, what's the primary use of it? 





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