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Sri Reddy On Tollywood Sex Racket In US

Tollywood Producer Kishan Modugumudi and his wife Chandrakala were arrested in US for allegedly operating Prostitution Racket using the helplessness of struggling Actresses. Even someone like Sri Reddy wasn't spared by this Couple.

Sri Reddy: 'When Actresses lack offers, They usually attend events in USA and eventually end up soft targets for those operating Sex Rackets. The price tag ($1,000 to $10,000) depends on the popularity of the Film Celebs'.   

The Controversial Actress disclosed Kishan Modugumudi and Chandrakala came in touch with her in the past for the same purpose. She says this is how Actresses have been lured into prostitution.

Sri Reddy shot to fame with the Casting Couch scandal. She, however, didn't utter a single word about the US Prostitution Racket all these days despite being aware of it




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