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Special Police Wing To Monitor The Content Of TV Channels In Telangana

Telangana Government decided to take stern action against those who try to create unrest with comments hurting the religious sentiments. A decision has been taken not to spare even the News Channels which telecast such objectionable content.

During a debate conducted by a News Channel, Kathi Mahesh made controversial comments on Lord Rama and Ramayan. In protest, Paripoornananda Swamy planned Dharmagraha Yatra till Yadadri. To maintain Law & Order, Six Months ban was imposed on both of them.

Police Department noticed that debates conducted by few news channels on religious matters led to this situation. As a result, A close watch on the telecast of the News Channel became inevitable. A Special Wing will be appointed in Hyderabad Police Commissionerate to monitor the content of TV Channels. Any attempts to provoke the people and spread disharmony won't be tolerated.




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