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Sonia Smiled On JC Advise Regarding Rahul

TDP MP and former Congress leader JC Diwakar Reddy never minces his words. He speaks upfront and he speaks his mind. During the TDP MP's Deeksha in Vizag demanding for Railway Zone, JC has recalled the timeline of events that led to bifurcation of the state.

Coming down heavily on Sonia Gandhi for unilaterally bifurcating the state, JC alleged that Sonia has divided the state for selfish reasons – to make her son Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister. JC said Sonia had planned to get all 42 seats of AP by dividing into two states – Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and hoped to get them through TRS in Telangana and YSRCP in AP.

JC said Sonia hadn't paid heed to his words despite his severe cautions that party would pay hefty price if she goes unilaterally with the division. JC said he had even given a free advise to Sonia to make her son PM. He said anyone who has to become PM has to get the nod of Uttar Pradesh and hence JC said he had advised her to get Rahul married to a Brahmin girl from UP since Brahmins play dominant role in UP. JC said Sonia had smiled to his advise.

JC also breathed fire at Narendra Modi and NDA for grossly ignoring AP's genuine causes. JC has heaped praises on Chandrababu for getting Polavram works done at rapid pace. 

"Since the days I wear nickers, I had been hearing about Polavaram. But no progress till date. Even when I had worked as in-charge for the district, never did I visit the place. When any leader talks about Polavaram, it means it never happens. Even I was under the assumption that Polavaram wouldn't be a reality in my lifetime. But Chandrababu changed it. He deserves the whole credit. Now, Mod & Co are running to take away the credit, but people know who is behind Polavaram. I recently visited the place, it was huge project and it helps people immensely," said emotional JC.

On parting note, JC said even Chandrababu has mistakes as he is a human being and every individual has their own mistakes, but JC said Chandrababu's unwavering and relentless hard work for state, people always make him standout in the country.




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