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Sonakshi Says i Am Crazy Towards Allu Arjun

Model-turned-actress Sonakshi Singh Rawat, who has done at least a dozen ads in the last four years, will be seen in her Telugu debut 'Naa Love Story'.  As she looks forward to the rom-com's release, the 20-year-old beauty shares interesting stuff with IndiaGlitz."Allu Arjun is my favourite actor.  In fact, he is the one actor to whose songs I and my friends love to dance often.  Some of my North Indian friends don't know who he is but they love his blockbuster numbers like 'Top Lechi Poddi'.  I find Mahesh Babu so very cute," she says.Are men too victims of casting couch in the industry? Sonakshi observes, "Men are victims of sexual exploitation more in the modeling industry.  I know it well as I have been a model.  I myself know some of the men at the receiving end.  In the film industry, it's women who are the bigger victims."  Who exploits the gullible, aspiring models?  Is it rich women? "Yes, obviously," she says.  'Naa Love Story' will hit the screens on June 29. 




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