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Son In Law For Modi And Daughter In Law For Sonia Found

The kind of path chosen by Congress and BJP to have an upper hand made people believe these national parties had hit a new low.

Recently, Congress Social Media head Divya Spandana shared an old video clip of Rakhi Sawant in which the latter announced she found a life-partner and he is PM Modi's Son-in-Law. By tagging twitter handles of PM and Rakhi Sawant, She wrote: 'Modi Ji, Your Son-in-Law has been found'.

In reply, BJP Delhi Spokesperson Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga tweeted an old video clip of a woman from Allahabad claiming to be the wife of Rahul Gandhi. While tagging Rahul Gandhi, He wrote: 'Sonia ji, Your Daughter-in-Law has been found'.

Divya Spandana faced the ire of Twitterati for stooping to such a low. Public have the feeling that the situation would only get worse in the coming months due to 2019 General Elections.




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