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Sofia Responds To The Comment Price For 1 Night

Actresses are taken for granted on social media to make any level of outrageous comments. Heroines keep posting their hot bodies and the trolls keep disturbing their cool. Sofia Hayat, the former Big Boss contestant faced an immensely offending question on her hot photos posted on social media. “Hi dear, Can you kindly tell me your booking rates for 1 night?” asked a person in the comments section. The actress has indeed got offended by the comment obviously. But how she gave back is what amazed us and inspiring the other troll victims. “First ask your mother and then your sister then your wife they will tell you the rates for one night”, this is what she replied to his comment. But then he didn’t stop. “But they didn’t show their body like you. Go to hell”, he countered. And the answer that Sofia gave back to him was epic. “Your mum showed her body and had her legs wide open when you were born. your mind needs cleaning. Ramadan means nothing to you.” How was that?





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