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Social Media War Between Deepika And Priyanka

Healthy competition is always good and it brings out the best in people.  When it comes to the film industry there is huge professional competition between the stars.   Bollywood beauties Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone are fierce competitors.  They are not only leading actresses in Bollywood but they started exploring Hollywood as well.  They are sizzling in the international film festivals like Cannes and achieved global recognition. 

Both the stars have a huge following in the social media as well.  Priyanka Chopra following in the Instagram has crossed 25 million recently.  Within a small gap, Deepika following also reached 25 million.   As the beauties are competing in every aspect, their fans are doing hungama in the social media fighting with each other.   The fans of both the beauties are fighting among themselves over the greatness of their favourite star.   

Though Priyanka reached 25 million mark first on the Instagram, Deepika fans are saying that PeeCee took 2,580 posts to reach that milestone whereas their favourite actress took only 648 posts.  This kind of fan wars are not new for south hero fans but Priyanka fans Vs. Deepika fans fight is certainly grabbing the attention of the netizens!




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