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Social Media Saved 26 Minor Girls

A Tweet from a Passenger of Muzaffarpur-Bandra Awadh Express saved 26 minor girls from trafficking.

On July 5th, A Passenger travelling in the S5 Coach of the express train found several minor crying. He then placed a Tweet which alerted the Railway Protection Force. An investigation began within half an hour after the tweet was posted.

GPR at Gorakhpur came in touch with Childline and Anti-Trafficking Unit. Two RPF Jawans in civil dress boarded the train at Kaptanganj to keep an eye on girls and gang members. Two Men, aged 22 and 55 years, were shifting the girls in the age group of 10-14 years from Narkatikyaganj to Idgah.

All the Minor Girls hail from West Champaran in Bihar. They were unable to give convincing answers during the questioning. All of them were handed over to the Child Welfare Committee and the information was passed to their parents. The two men were arrested and interrogated.




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