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Sivaji Raja Reveals The 14 Lakhs Incident Related To Us Sex Racket

There seems to be a lot of things happened in the background before the final charge sheet was filed against Kishan Modugumudi and his wife Chandrakala who were accused of running a sex racket in Chicago. And there was this Rs 14 lakhs incident that is being widely discussed in Film Nagar now.

Movie Artists Association president Sivaji Raja himself confirmed to a national daily that when an actress was caught with Rs 14 lakhs at Shamshabad International Airport, suspicion has raised. According to the story, this actress who has done four films in Telugu and two in Kannada has lost all the offers in hand a few years ago. But after returning from a USA trip, she exchanged Dollars into rupees at the airport and the total booty is nearly 14 lakhs. That's when authorities got a suspicion as to what she might have done in the USA to earn 14 lakhs. 

"Neither she got film roles there in Hollywood, nor she has done any real estate business. Where would she get such money from if not she has indulged in some illegal stuff?" says Sivaji Raja, adding that the source of her money created doubts to everyone. 

It's heard that Kishan and his wife Chandrakala worked in Hyderabad as production managers four years ago, and forming a network here they have moved to the USA to start their prostitution business. 




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