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Single Whatsapp Group For Tollywood

Keeping their professional rivalry aside, Tollywood PROs have all formed as a team and held a special meeting the other day. The crucial decision taken in the meet is to avoid the the clash of the the timings of the press conferences and thus to have smooth functioning of the day-to-day events. This is considered as a welcome decision as it avoids any unwanted clash of events. It also puts an end to the confusion among the press reporters / camera persons in covering the events.

It is learnt that whoever violates the above rule would have to face the ire of the team. Perhaps, this is the first of its kind 'mutual understanding' between the movie PROs. Especially, Telugu film industry has become the first in regional movie industry to have such arrangement among the PROs.

Of late, a lot is happening in Tollywood media and PR circles. Recently, the media fraternity has decided to delete 'too many' Whatsapp groups that had and finally voted for a single Whatsapp group for all that would be used only for sharing the information, official news. This also won the appreciation of many.

The PROs meet also said to have discussed on several other things to establish a healthy atmosphere in the industry. With this meet, several producers in the industry are also heaving a huge sigh of relief as they would get due to attention to all their events as well. In the end, it is a win-win situation for all the parties. Certainly, a welcome move.





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