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Siddharth ‘I And My Family Received 500 Calls Of Death & Rape Threats’, TN BJP Denies Charges

Actor Siddharth on Thursday accused functionaries of BJP’s Tamil Nadu unit of leaking his phone number as a result of which he had received several threat calls. However, the state president of BJP’s IT wing denied the charge and said, “None of the party members are involved in such an act.”

Siddharth alleged that functionaries of BJP’s Tamil Nadu unit had issued threat to him and his family members for expressing his views against the central government for failing to handle the Covid-19 pandemic. Siddharth was very critical of the Narendra Modi government and also charged that the failure of the government had left the common people in a state of bother during the pandemic.

On Thursday morning, he tweeted: “My phone number was leaked by members of TN BJP and @BJPtnITcell. Over 500 calls of abuse, rape and death threats to me & family for over 24 hrs. All numbers recorded (with BJP links and DPs) and handing over to police.”

“This is one of many social media posts by BJP TN members leaking my number yesterday and telling people to attack and harass me. "Ivan inimela vaaye thirakka koodathu" (this fellow must never open his mouth again). We might survive Covid. Will we survive these people?,” he tweeted.

Responding to the tweets of the actor, state president of IT wing of the party C T R Nirmal Kumar said the party members had not been involved in such acts. The party had issued clear instructions to the cadre not to react to any individual's tweets and views. "If anybody brought to our notice that our members are behind such act, we will condemn it and take disciplinary measures against them," Nirmal Kumar told TOI.

He also tweeted, “During this pandemic, all of us very much focused on supporting people in providing food, medicine etc…”

He continued: “Requested all supporters (of our party) not to give any attention to individuals like @Actor_Siddarth who are just trying to pass time, pls stay focused on Covid support to people.”


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