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Shriya Clarifies About Her Marriage Children And Films

Shriya career span is very low. Even though she have got a star image, it's not going to be a career beyond ten years. If it continues, it is difficult to get recognized characters. But Shriya continues to be the protagonist for more than a decade. She has done films with superheroes and directors for over a decade.

In the last year,shriya made two movies with one of the big heroes like Balakrishna. Now there are two films in her hand. Most recently, Shriya is getting married, so many people think that the films are going to end and she is going to work on family life. But thisis clarified by shriyathat there is no such thing.

After you are married and ask for a child's name, shriya said i have no such intentions . And another 20 films i will be given a bigger state of thinking about the child. If Shriya looks in the form now, it will take about 20 years to make another 20 films. At the end of the year she will be 40 years old. It is doubtful whether the child really stays up to that point. But even if she has already hit Shriya Glamor, she will not give up until the age of downtime. Seeing Shriya looks very hot. And to see if she will keep this word. She is currently working on a multi starrer 'Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raalu'. Shriya has recently started a thriller movie.




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