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Shocking: GN Rao Committee Said NO To Vizag

Time and again the YSRCP government has cited the reports of GN Rao committee and Boston Consultancy Group that the state needs to decentralize development and in order to do that, it must have three places for administration, jurisdiction and stuff.

But in a shocking fresh report, the GN Rao committee opposed the idea of having Vizag as one of the capitals and said that the beach city is prone to nature calamities which is not a good sign on a long run.

The committee report quoted that "Vizag is nature sensitive city. Due to the increasing global warming, the sea level is also spiking up and placing the government work places here is not a feasible idea. The master plan of 'Vizag Metropolitan Region – 2041' did not take into the consideration of drawbacks of the city being on the seaside which falls under Coastal Regulatory zones."

The committee also added that because of the navy, steel plant and other industries, the city pollution is on the rise. The ground water is getting polluted and there are high chances of the sea water touching the ground water. This will make the city to struggle for water in the years to come.

Adding, the committee said even if the government wants to establish offices close to Vizag, it doesn't have enough lands and so Vizag is no way suitable to become Executive Capital of the state.

The key information getting leaked to the media, rumours are coming that the biggies in the government deliberately released the information that is pro for 'Three Capitals' idea which CM Jagan wanted and hide the rest of details. But the facts won't hide for long.

Now we have to see how the YSRCP government reacts and defends itself on the 'Three Capitals' especially citing many downsides of Vizag as 'Executive Capital.'




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