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Shilpa Husband Surprises Her With Shilpa Doll Cake On Her Birthday

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has been in the background for four years now and is in touch with the people. This is a beauty introduction to the Tollywood community too. K raghavendra Rao – in combination with the action hero Venkatesh sahasaveerudusagarakanya film seemed to be attracted to everyone. Shilpa Bollywood has got a lot of good opportunities after the film.

And now, I recently celebrated her 43rd birthday. In the presence of his family, the husband cut the special cake set by Raj Kundra . Shilpa doll is a special attraction in the cake. It took video and shared with fans through social media. Other film stars also gave their whises to Shilpa's birthday. Natizans, however, congratulated the senior actress with a variety of photo editing. Shilpa was very happy to see it. Fans are also commenting positively that the video is good.  In fact, the 43-year-old is also very much shy. That's why the fans are much more liked than their tech videos.







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