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Sharukh Golden Heart For Irfan

Bollywood Superstar Sharukh Khan once again proved why he has a golden heart. The star actor, who always proved loyalty to his friends, has been very supportive of renowned and award-winning actor Irfan Khan during the latter's trip to London for cancer treatment in the month of March.

Irfan had to travel to London to undergo a diagnosis for neuro-endocrine tumor. In what way did SRK help his dear friend?

As per the latest Bollywood reports, Irfan's wife Sutapa phoned Sharukh to inform the health condition of her husband and said that Irfan Khan wishes to meet him before leaving for London. Knowing the ill-health condition of Piku actor, Sharukh hurried to Irfan's residence in Mumbai. Despite his busy schedule, the actor reportedly spent his next two hours talking to him.

During this meet, Sharukh has reportedly offered Irfan Khan to use his apartment in London during the actor's stay in the city. However, Irfan did not readily agree to it in first place but he had to keep mum as SRK insisted his friend to accept the keys of his London flat and asked him to feel at home. That's how, our King Khan proved he's a man with golden heart.

Earlier this week, Irfan Khan has come up with a very heart-warming write up about his cancer battle with a title 'I trust, I've surrendered, irrespective of outcome' and social media was quickly flooded with 'get well soon' messages for the notable actor of Indian Cinema. 




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