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Sensational Singer Turns Into A Music Composer

Sid Sriram is one such singer whose voice soothes our heart and soul. His songs – Maate Vinaduga, Andam Ammayi Aithe and Inkem Inkem Kavaale has gained instant popularity, leaving Telugu audience fall for his voice. Now, the latest news is that Sriram will soon make his debut as a music composer in Mani Ratnam's next production, Vaanam Kottatum.

The film will be directed by Mani Ratnam's assistant Dhanasekaran. It is reported that blockbuster hit 96 film's music composer Govind Vasantha was first roped in for the film. However, due to his dates unavailability, he has now been replaced by Sriram.

The singer-now-turned-composer expressed his anticipation over taking up a new work into his career. He said he is going to present an entirely new sound and a unique album, keeping in mind audiences' taste. Sriram also claimed that he is working on bringing different textures in terms of emotion. "I have started sketching out the different sonic and musical spaces that I want these songs to occupy," he added.

Sid is on a zeal to look upon the rare opportunity to challenge himself in a new medium as a composer after impressing his fans with his magical voice. We hope his work turns out brilliant and eclectic.




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