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Sekhar Kammula Still Searching For Next Film Hero

Almost a year has passed since the release of “Fidaa”, yet director Sekhar Kammula has not announced his next movie yet, though he has completed the script.

The director who is calm-going and has a different approach was rattled a little by Sri Reddy’s false allegations.

Sri Reddy later backtracked and no one believed her allegations against him. Since he’s one of the gentlemen in the movie industry, it nevertheless upsetted him.

Now he has completed his script work and is looking for a male lead. There were reports that he has already finalized Rana as his hero, but Sekhar has denied it officially few months ago.

He is looking for a middle-range hero with a following among youth. r Sekhar Kammulafit the bill, but all of them are busy with their prior commitments.

It has to be seen who would finally land in Kammula’s movie. After “Fidaa” that has nearly collected massive Rs 50 Cr share, all stars are showing interest to work with him




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