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SaveAarey -What Is The Issue All About

The ongoing Aarey forest protest has finally come to stability after the Supreme court today ordered the government to not cut any more trees for Metro work. Mumbai Metro is an ambitious infrastructure project believing that the city deserves a better infrastructure. The plan was to connect all corners of the city and reduce traffic as the metro de-clogs the roads. Moreover, UNFCC study points to the fact that it shall reduce CO2emission by 2.6 lakh metric tons every year.

But, an activist named Biju Kattain has filed a writ petition who lives in Royal Palms, deep inside Aarey Colony.  Also, Bollywood stars started tweeting #SaveAarey. Shraddha Kapoor even personally visited the site and participated in the protests on roads. The SC order today has left public in great relief and SC Green Bench will hear the matter next on 21 October. This has put an end to the ongoing rallies and protest as of now.

"Don't cut any more trees now. It appears to us that it was some kind of forest at some time," the Supreme Court said. In fact, the Maharashtra government itself told Supreme Court that no more trees are required to be cut to make way for a car shed of the Mumbai Metro in Aarey Colony. On this, the Mumbai Metro Railway cooperation MMRC said that "we respect SC decision, won't cut any more trees".

But some people still argue that the damage has already been done. The issue had many environmentalists making a hue and cry over the development of a metro shed at Aarey. But, one needs to ask where were all the environmentalists when an area ten times of the metro shed encroached by slums. The Protestors argue that the present government is killing the city and destroying forests and that the move is anti-environment. But it can also be argued parallelly that this same government has planted 33 crore trees in the last 5 years.  

Calling Modi-led government business-minded, people state that the development of infrastructure roads, metros, bullet trains are the only way for the progress of India according to the government even if it is at the expense of destroying the nature.




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