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Sanjeevani Releasing With No Competition

Debutant director Ravi Vide's adventurous thriller Sanjeevani is all set to hit screens on June 29. It seems the best platform has been set for the film's release to create a storm at the box office. 

Firstly, this week's releases Jamba Lakidi Pamba and Tick Tick Tick appeared to have failed miserably at the box office and they would get disappeared from cinemas next week paving way for Sanjeevani and other films.

Secondly no big and medium heroes films will be hitting screens next week. Although Pellichoopulu director will be getting his luck tested with Ee Nagaraniki Yemaindhi next week, the movie appears to be a routine entertainer whose genre can't be compared to that of Sanjeevani.'s unique concept. 

The makers have claimed that Sanjeevani as the first ever film which has been made with high quality VFX in adventurous thriller genre. All in all, it appears to be a cake walk for Sanjeevani to stand as the best film among other films of this season. Sanjeevani was produced by G Srinivas on Nivas Creations banner. Shravan is the music director.




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