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Sanjaydutt Replaces Ranbeer In Fighting With Drugs

Bollywood superstar Rajkumar Hirani directed Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt, who is on the sets of 'Sanju'. Hirani, who has so far not been successful, has directed a biopic for the first time. Hirani said that Sanjay Dutt will discover every aspect of his life in his film. As soon as it has already been released, teaser-trailers have been seen by Sanjay Dutt instead of RanBeer Kapoor. Rann Beer had a stroke in the role of Sanju and the crowd became fond of the audience. As teaser – a tremendous response to the trailer, the expectations have increased over `Sanjay`. The release of a new Song Promotion Bit is scheduled for release on 29th of this month. 'Carr Maidan Fateh …', this song bit is currently in Trending.

'Kar Har Maidan Fateh …' in the movie 'Sanju' is now trending on YouTube. The song by Vikar Mantoras was composed by Sekhar Asthttam. Sukhwinder Singh-Shreya Ghoshal sang greatly. This song is going on after the Drugs slave passage to the Rehabilitation Center. Samju goes to the rehabilitation center …. There was a lot of trouble in the time of treatment … This song was set in the background to escape from the place. Sanju Bhikshatana in the dubbing circumstances in order to reach home …. The song was portrayed as her mother was feeling comforted at the time of her disappointment. This song is going on in the face of parents' affection for the boy who is trying to get rid of drugs from getting rid of drugs. Soon out of the Sanju Drugs epidemic … to appear again on the screen. Like this. In the role of Sanjay Dutt's father Paresh Ravel – played by Manisha Koirala in the role of mother Nargis Dutt. Anushka Sharma has played a crucial role in the film along with Sonam Kapoor – Dia Mirza.





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