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Sanjay Dutt Begged On US Streets

Bollywood Star Sanjay Dutt witnessed the dizzy heights and unexpected downfall in real life. He experienced the mental trauma what even common man wouldn't have experienced despite being the star kid. Now a biopic is coming out on him and this is generating tremendous interest among movie lovers. 

The biopic titled Sanju stars Ranbir Kapoor in lead under the direction of Raj Kumar Hiarani. The film is slated for a grand release in the last week of June and in the meantime the makers are increasing the film promotions. Already the film's first look, teaser and trailer made a powerful impact on everyone. 

In the meantime in the recent poster, the makers made a stunning revelation that Sanjay Dutt begged on the streets of US after escaping from a rehabilitation center while being treated for his drug addiction. The other poster revealed that Sanjay Dutt lost his mother Nargis, three days ahead of his debut film Rocky in 1981




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