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Sammohanam Beats Big Competition In Naa Nuvve and Tej I Love You Movies

Three more notable films are releasing in the rest of the month. They all involve second league heroes and are vying for the same demographic audience-wise. The movies are Naa Nuvve, Sammohanam and Tej I Love You in the release order. For small films like these, good music is very essential to make an impact on the targeted audience. They also belong to the same youthful classy type. The winner among the three, however, hasn’t been a difficult one to pick. It is Sammohanam and by quite a distance. Upcoming music composer Vivek Sagar aided by filmmaker Mohan Krishna Indragati has come up with a fresh, breezy and classy soundtrack. It is sure to win over after few listens. The next best is Tej I Love You with three, stand out melodies. They are slightly predictable, but good hear nonetheless. And last among the three is Naa Nuvve. Music director Sharreth didn’t get the 180 high (the previous album with the same director) but has managed to give a couple of decent melodies. While the Telugu states might show a predictable result, we have to see how the US box office turns out where the music and trailers show some impact





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