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Samantha Family Is Sharing Lunch With 100 School Children For An Entire Year

Sometimes, the small things that celebrities do will attract the attention of the audience. Especially, when the stars do Charity works, they will become the inspiration for the audience. Only a few of the celebrities are kind enough give some part of their earnings to charity and one such star heroine who has a kind heart is Samantha Akkineni. She opened a trust which does heart operation for children.

This Akkineni daughter-in-law has started another good deed and is requesting her fans to help her in this. Akshaya Patra is the World's Largest NGO that provides wholesome lunch for school children by running a midday meal program. In the past, director Rajamouli also talked about Akshaya Patra and made a significant contribution to them. Some Bollywood celebrities also came forward and raised the funds. Now, Samantha recently joined in this.

"This year our family is sharing our lunch with 100 schoolchildren for an entire year! You too can join by just contributing just 950/-. That provides hot, tasty & nutritious lunch to a schoolchild for an entire year! #iShareMyLunch #AkshayaPatra" posted Samantha on Twitter with the link of Akshaya Patra




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