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Samantha Compares Her Past Life With Savitris Life

They went to Sri Kalahasti Temple amidst public glare to perform the much revered Rahu-Kethu pooja. Later they attended the wedding of another star in Chennai in traditional white dresses. But never they confirmed that they are in a relationship. Yes, we are talking about Samantha and her rumoured affair with Siddharth.

Other day while speaking with a media house, it looks like for the first time Samantha has opened her mouth about this affair. The actress equated her past life with that of Savitri's life and thanked God for not letting her life slip out of her hands like it happened in the legendary actress' case. 

"Even I would have fallen into such crisis in personal life like a Savitri. But thankfully I've realised it in the beginning and walked out of it. And then I'm blessed to have a person like Naga Chaitanya in my life. He's a gem of everything" said Samantha while sharing her thoughts to a tabloid. 

Isn't she hinting that she is happy as she walked out of her affair with Siddharth? Otherwise, there is no other personal relationship Samantha is into ever since she entered into the film industry. 




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