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Samanta Is The Official Brand Ambassador Of Handlooms For Telangana State

Samantha Akkineni is known as a passionate and strong women in film circles. She even proved that many times too. 

She does anything and everything with complete heart and soul. In her recent film, Abhimanyudu, she had to wear sarees almost for every scene. 

She preferred to go for handlooms rather than huge designer pieces. This will be a big boost for handlooms as people tend to follow her fashion styles. 

This is the kind of stuff that any brand ambassador is expected to do and she did it without shouting at the top of voice. 

To those who don't know, she is the official brand ambassador of handlooms for Telangana state. So, if you loved her look in Abhimanyudu and are looking for those sarees, then go for handlooms. 

Surely, she is the best brand ambassador one can ask for, isn't she?







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