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Salmans Race3 Received Poor Ratings

Salman Khan seems to have a started a trend of giving poor films delivered on the screen for every Eid for his Tubelight the last year’s Eid release stood a disaster and now Race 3 is no less in drawing poor ratings. Well, the film is rich, cheeky, hot, stylish and action filled. However, the film has lost a story and the essence of the actual “Race”. Remo D’Souza had a golden opportunity in hand and he ruined the opportunity and only ended up not using the great cast and huge hype that the franchise carried in a proper way as the analysts say. On an average, the rating of the film stood somewhere about 2, and it is not Salman Khan who is responsible for the failure but it is the too much of everything but a story is what got the film down. Not just the poor ratings, but the film is drawing funny trolls since the trailer was released for the extra drama of overdose heroism of everyone and the too much action rather than the film being a mind game which it was ought to be. This was very much expected for the trailer itself couldn’t impress the fans. Well, there are memes and trolls flooding the internet that show people falling asleep at the theaters as they watch the film. Well, for the ones who love only Salman Khan and only him, the film is a delight. You can see him all heroic in all forms one would want to watch him as. To cut short, another disappointment for Sallu Bhai.





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