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Salman Khan Poor Imitation Of Allu Arjun In ‘Seetimaar’ Song!!!

Salman Khan, who is ardently called Sallu Bhai by his fans, is the superstar of Bollywood.His new film "Radhe" is set to release on May 13th as a direct OTT release owing to the pandemic lockdowns and night curfews across the nation.

The song "Seetimaar…" from this film is released just now and it is rocking with huge number of views.

The song was originally made for Allu Arjun's DJ by Devi Sri Prasad.Now again DSP is given the music credit and the song surely is enticing the North Indian audiences. But when compared visually, it is difficult to watch Salman Khan struggling to match his moves with Allu Arjun and failing owing to his age factor.


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