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Salaar’s Stunning Behind the Scenes, Shares Shruti Haasan

Salaar's Stunning Behind the Scenes, Shares Shruti Haasan

Reflecting on the unforgettable moments of “Salaar,” Shruti Haasan shares a heartfelt journey alongside superstar Prabhas under the directorial brilliance of Prashanth Neel. With the film reaching a remarkable milestone, crossing 450 crores on its sixth day, Shruti takes a trip down memory lane.

Captioning the post with “SALAAR memories 🤎,” she expresses her gratitude for the incredible people she had the privilege to work with. Describing them as “awesome awesome people, full of light and positivity,” Shruti highlights the joyous experience of creating the movie. She acknowledges Prabhas for his nurturing care, Prashant Sir for his entertaining between-shot races and matches, and Bhuvan Sir for crafting an entire music video with her.

In her heartfelt caption, Shruti emphasizes the happiness derived from witnessing good people achieve success. She fondly recalls the camaraderie, the laughter, and the hard work that went into every scene, appreciating the tireless effort of every crew member. She extends her heartfelt thanks to Prashant Neel for making her a part of his “insane majestic world” and expresses gratitude to Hombale Films and the entire team.

The accompanying post features delightful snapshots, capturing candid moments of Shruti Haasan and director Prashant Neel playing cricket, behind-the-scenes glimpses through the camera lens, serene moments enjoying the morning sunrise on set, and various shots from the rustic location. Each image serves as a testament to the collective hard work and dedication invested in creating a blockbuster movie, showcasing the relentless commitment of the entire team.

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