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Sai Dharam Tej Thriving To Be Fit And Perfect In Latest Movies

Megastar's nephew Sai Dharam Tej, who has hit a slump in his career with a series of flops, is hoping to bounce back with Tej – I Love You.

The film directed by Karunakaran has finished its shooting part and is gearing up for release on June 29.

Tej has put on a lot of weight over last couple of years is looking forward to get back in shape for his next film.

Tej’s next film directed by Kishore Tirumala will go to floors from August. So Supreme Hero has two months free time to hit the gym.

He has reportedly hired the fitness trainer who worked with Charan for Dhruva. Tej used to be super hit during early days of his career. Stress induced by a series of flops and busy schedule seems to have taken a toll on him.

He finally got some time in between shoots to take care of fitness and Tej is going to pump some iron during the break.  





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