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Sai Dharam Tej Strategy For Tej I Love You

Sai Dharam Tej already saw many ups and downs in his career. He keeps lots of trust in his upcoming flick Tej I Love which is gearing up for release o 6th of July. The film directed by Karunakaran features Anupama Parameswaran in female lead role.

Curiously, they starts film promotions too early- almost a month before to its arrival date. Generally, promotional activities will be started just one or two months prior to the release date. Apparently, Tej film unit is hoping vigorous promotions will help their film to get grand openings.

Incessant flops ruined SDT’s market and he needs to convince audience to come to theaters to watch his film. In the process, he’s going places along with his heroine Anupama and other film unit to lure youth as well as families.

Though this will surely help the film to hike buzz, only potential or entertaining content will further assist it to become successful at box-office.




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