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Sai Dharam Tej In Next Movie Herione Guru Girl

They say, "First impression is the best impression!" While some have the luck to find the best possible project that suits them with first film, some don't.

Both kinds of people find it difficult as they go forward, as the one who impressed us debut needs to continue doing better films while the one who failed to impress, needs to work hard to prove his/her talent. 

Guru, impressed many viewers and Rithika Singh became quite popular for her portrayal as an amateur boxer who grows into a champion. 

But then, she couldn't find similar strong roles in Tamil and Telugu. She reduced her weight and is now trying to showcase her hot side as well. 

The buzz is that she got a chance to act with Sai Dharam Tej, in his next movie, Chitralahari. 

The movie will be directed by Tirumala Kishore and soon, it will go on floors. We have to wait and see, how Rithika shines this time





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