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Sai Dharam is slipping from the good books of fans

Almost all the heroes in the mega family are known for their gentle nature, yet, they showcased their eccentric outbursts on some occasions. And then, mega heroes are touted to be one of the most understand herd among themselves.

Despite the fact that there are many heroes of them, we haven't seen any release clash neither any other issue between their projects. But in the recent times, Sai Dharam Tej is getting popular for pitting his films against other mega heroes. 

Initially, Sai Dharam's Inttelligent and Varun Tej's Tholiprema are supposed to hit the screens on the same day. While some big producers admired this move saying that it will be a treat to mega fans, in reality, fans are not happy with the clash. Later Sai Dharam deferred his release by one day. And now, this young hero's new film "Tej I Love You" is likely to clash with his new cousin, Megastar's son in law Kalyan Dev's film. 

Truth is that the producers of these films are taking calls on release dates, but with these moves, Sai Dharam is slipping from the good books of fans. They are thinking that he is intentionally competing with the movies of his own family's stars. Well, maybe the hero should be little careful to not become a fodder for gossip by planning his releases well in advance




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