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Sachin Asks Fans To Help Him Find A Waiter

The Legend and fondly known as 'God of cricket', Sachin Tendulkar asked netizens for help on Twitter on finding a waiter whom he met 19 years ago. Sachin said the waiter's advice led him to redesign his elbow guard during his playing days. He asked for help by posting a video message where he spoke about the incident.

"A chance encounter can be memorable! I had met a staffer at Taj Coromandel, Chennai during a Test series with whom I had a discussion about my elbow guard, after which I redesigned it. I wonder where he is now & wish to catch up with him. Hey netizens, can you help me find him?" he wrote in his tweet.Sachin is seen telling that the waiter figured out on how his batting changes whenever he wears an elbow guard and lauded that he is the only one who could realize it. “Due to wearing the elbow guard, your batting swing varies,” were the words by the waiter to which Sachin went on to redesign his guard according to the elbow size and right amount of padding.

The video was from 2017 where Sachin spoke about the conversion he had with the waiter nearly two decades ago. Sachin is still considered as a profound player who holds the record of being the highest run-scorer of all time in international cricket, having notched up 18,426 runs in ODIs and 15,921 runs in Test matches.

With 100 international centuries, Sachin's fan base and worshippers are in huge numbers. Soon after the god of cricket asked for help, the Taj hotel tweeted him back saying that they have found the waiter and would be a delight to connect both of them for a meeting.

Taking to Twitter, Taj Hotels replied, "Thank you Mr Tendulkar for sharing your memorable encounter with our colleague during your stay in Chennai. We are proud of our associates who have imbibed the culture of Tajness. We have located him and would be delighted to connect the two of you for a meeting."





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