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Saakshyam Release Date

The release date of ‘Saakshyam’ has been shifted from June 14th to July 20th. Delay in CG work pushed the movie’s release.

‘Baahubali’ vfx team, Makuta and four other teams from Mumbai and Hyderabad are extensively working on the CG of ‘Saakshyam.’ Being a concept based film, the producers are making sure that the CG quality stands out.

The film will also have five stunning action episodes choreographed by Peter Heins and hero Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas has beefed up his muscle exclusively for the stunts.Director Sriwass is coming up with a completely different plot this time and ‘Saakshyam’ teaser had met with a terrific response accordingly.

Latest sensation Pooja Hegde is romancing the Bellakonda hero in the movie. 
The audio of ‘Saakshyam’ will be unveiled sometime in the first week of July and more will follow in the coming days.




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