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RX100 Pre Bookings Gearing Up High

Hero, heroines are newcomers.. director is debutante.. producer is also new.  But still 'RX 100' movie is able to generate curiosity among the audience.  The filmmakers have succeeded in creating enough pre-release buzz.  The movie is getting ready for the release on July 12 amidst good expectations.  

Though it has competition from two other films, the expectations are high on 'RX 100'. The advance bookings are showing good numbers.  The movie is releasing in a decent number of theatres in the Telugu states.  Comparatively, they are releasing it in the USA in a big range.  The movie is releasing in 120+ locations in the USA.  Releasing in more than a hundred locations is not a small feat.  Only star heroes will get this kind of release. 

Small films like 'Kshanam'.. 'Pelli Choopulu'.. 'Arjun Reddy' have enjoyed this kind of hype before the release in the USA and they got a huge number of theatres.  As 'RX 100' promos have raised the curiosity and Overseas audience are open to different content, this film is getting a huge release in US.  Even the movie has a good number of premiers on Wednesday.  It is interesting to see the range of opening collections.   If the movie gets a hit talk, it may well become a super hit. 'RX 100' is directed by Ajay Bhupathi. Karthikeya, Payal Rajput are the hero, heroines of the film.  Ashok Reddy is the producer.




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