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Roger Alexander Deekins Won Oscar At Age 69

To do any work, it is not associated with age. The urge to do the quest to do all the more important is listening to morals. It's true every time. Sometimes it's wrong. That is how they take it according to the appropriate sutures. 

Now in Tollywood, directors are getting older. A problem is going on. No matter how great the director is, it's only for a few years to be able to sustain. Their age is over 50. It is difficult for people to see their movies. At one point, those who seemed to be the karif address of creativity are also threatened by the rodent films. After seeing the recently released Ramgopal Varma movie, the opinion of the film is still strong. The same thing in Tollywood is the age issue.

Woody Allen, a Hollywood director, is now 82 years old. He is also making New Age films with his doubling enthusiasm. Roger Alexander Deekins is the cinematographer's wing 69 years old. Last year, he also received an Oscar. In a recent interview, he said, "This generation of cameras is not very weighty .. I can give you 10 years of action photography. That means the camera is moving. It is not difficult to answer to the question of whether age is difficult for everyone. If you can make the film unintentionally .. the film can change according to the time.





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