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Robo 2.0 Distributors Express Pressure To Return The Money

Looks like, nothing has been working great for Superstar Rajinikanth, of late. His latest release ‘Kaala‘ has left the distributors in losses and definitely, the other distributors are concerned as they had paid advances for Rajinikanth’s sci-fi movie ‘2.0’. There is a demand from the Telugu States’ distributors for returning the amount as they see ‘2.0’ release nowhere coming in the near future. The movie has got postponed indefinitely and there is no clarity on anything, the way the post-production work is going on and how long would the VFX works take. Added to this, there seems to be budget constraints that are adding to the plight of the movie. In this scenario, the producers had decided to return the advance amount on the demand of the distributors of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The distributors are waiting to be paid back otherwise they would have to pay heavy interests for the amount they paid as advance.





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